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English for school

We offer tutoring services to students ages 5-18 years old.  For a little extra money, you can hire our local English tutor. We provide tutoring in all areas of school English: grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.

English conversation

If you want to live in a country, it is important to speak the language. You will not be able to understand and communicate with people who do not understand English. If you want to make friends and live in a country where English is the primary language, this is the right course for you.

English for work

Do you have what it takes to become the top leader in your industry?Learn how to chair the next meeting and deliver the best presentations. Learn the most effective interview techniques and make your mark on the workforce, no matter how big or small.


Our Course Offerings

Basic Levels

7 week classes

You’ll have fun learning English and build confidence with our simple, proven method.We focus on pronunciation in our lessons. This is key to you sounding like a native speaker.Basic English Courses will help you develop new skills to be more successful in the workplace and other areas of your life

Intermediate & Advanced Coureses

7 week classes

Our classes will help you master English to the next level so that you can excel in your workplace, clubs and even in social situations.Avid Learners English school is a dynamic and exciting place to learn. We aim to create a comfortable environment in which students are able to learn effectively.

Job Interview Workshops

When it comes to job interviews, you can’t be too prepared. It takes a lot of practice to nail the process and get the right answers.Brighten your CV, make a strong impression and reduce the stress of that nerve-wracking process.You’ll have a better chance of succeeding when you do not fear the interview.We have a workshop that is sure to help you land your dream job in Canada.


Why Learn With Us?


Effective method

Students receive an integrated, 21st century language skills and cultural awareness


Over 10,000 Graduates

Our graduate students found key jobs in their own areas of specialty .


Small Group Sessions

Learn English more quickly in a group environment by doing fun activities in small groups of4 – 6 students rather than just 1-on-1 with the teacher.


Focus on communication skills

We teach students how to speak, write and read English in a way that is relevant, necessary and effective.

I had a very good experience with Avid academy. The teachers are quite friendly and knowledgeable.

Maryam Shahidi

Avid Learners Academy has been the best experience for me. Atieh is really energetic, positive and most important of all knowledgeable. I have enjoyed and learned every moment I have spent there . I highly recommend here to all language learners.

Shohreh Beigi

Hi, Avidlearners Academy is one of the best places to go in Montreal. I really suggest you to learn there. Nice teachers , comfortable , good energy , support and a good place to learn languages. Right now my teacher is Ms.Mirkkhani, she is persion but she talks really good in english. Whenever I have english class, I am so happy so I come early. I give Avidlearners Academy a rate of five beacause of the things I said, thank you for reading my text:-)

Gulnar Imanbek

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