English Intensive I &II

96 Lessons of 1 hour

The goal of our intensive English course is to make sure you are exposed to as much real spoken English in class as possible and Our teachers will correct you with you speak English whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner we will be able to help you. We use expert teachers who have many years experience teaching English.

Level - Elementary

The Elementary Intensive English Course develops listening, reading, and conversation skills in a fun and dynamic way. Basic grammar is taught in context to real life situations through interactive class activities. Cultural topics are explored as a means of fostering an understanding of American culture. Current events are used as a means of improving cultural awareness and language skills in the classroom setting.


Course Offerings

Monday – Friday @9am-12am

7 week course

Elementary English Conversation Course is aimed at students who have no knowledge of the English language or whose knowledge is minimal. These can be either young students in primary or secondary school who are beginning their study of English, or older students who have a knowledge of English but need to develop their fluency and confidence in using the language.


Tuesdays &Thursdays 9am-12am

16 week course

Elementary English is an introductory conversation course designed to take you from little or no prior knowledge of English to the level where you can comfortably participate in an elementary classroom. It has lots of activities and quizzes to aid your progress and a detailed index so you can go straight to a specific area.


Self Learning Courses

Online Self Paced

This Exclusive Online English course is designed to build up your confidence in English with Dynamic learning techniques such as Theory, Writing, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Sponsored online interactive tests. Perfect for Beginners, Learners and professionals alike.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Develop Interpersonal Communication skills

You can communicate and
exchange information
about familiar topics using simple phrases and sentences. You  can  handle
short social interactions in everyday situations like bank, restaurant, school , street etc.


Presentational Speaking

You can present personal information and have mini lectures about familiar topics such as home, work, habits, past experiences, etc.


Presentational Writing

You can write short messages and write necessary letters and emails needed in your everyday life. You can understand short emails and messages as long as you know the topic. 


Interpretive Listening

You can understand the main topic and handle short talks and everyday conversations and situations . 


Interpretive Reading

you can understand the text . You can read newspaper headlines and understand the topic . You can understand simple stories and read for pleasure .


Gaing confidence

When you know you can make correct sentences , you have confidence and start having conversations with strangersand, therefore , you do not shy away from people. 


What Our Students Say

Friendly, sincere, and knowledgeable team. I had a great experience at Avid and definitely recommend it.

It’s the best English language institute that I went in Montreal. highly recommended.
The friendly and professional atmosphere of the class and very kind and patient teacher makes it an ideal place for learning English, And also a very fair tuition that was really worth it.

Sadegh Hadizadeh

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