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Our Course Offerings

Workplace Conversations

6 week classes

We’ll teach you how to speak persuasively and influence others, so that you can get ahead at work, while enjoying a great time with your colleagues.

Real Life Situations

12 week classes

When you’re having actual conversations with people, it’s just as important to use the correct idioms and vocabulary and to use a tone that is appropriate for the situation.

Academic Presentations

Online Self Paced

Some students aren’t sure how to properly deliver a speech. We will offer several workshops that focus on specific skills, including the ones needed to give a great presentation.

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Why Learn a New Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

  • Learn some key phrases before you travel.
  • Use English but not in a scripted way
  • Learn the basics of a new language
  • Have conversations with locals without feeling overwhelmed
  • Feel prepared to move abroad

Increase Your Job Opportunities

  • Learn interview skills
  • Land your dream job
  • Learn how to perform well in interviews
  • Make sure you have the skills and experience that
  • Start with a cover letter, resume and thank you letter

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

  • Learn art appreciation
  • Use it to enjoy all artistic events
  • Use the best language for art
  • Learn more about art at community events
  • All terms are introduced with context to help you understand.

Become a Better Learner

  • Be an autonomous learner
  • Start practicing  learning techniques
  • Stop studying harder and start studying smarter
  • Improve your learning skills
  • Build a habit of learning

Business Travel & Communication

  • Prepare for your next business trip
  • Learn how to negotiate with your new clients
  • Learn how to speak wisely in meetings abroad
  • End your fear of negotiation
  • Use your common sense and be approachable

Speak With More People

  • Get out there
  • Make friends
  • Learn new culture and language
  • Socialize with people
  • Develop a good friendship with someone from another country
  • Learn about their culture, interests, hobbies, etc.


Popular Courses

12 week class

Intermediate English Online

  •  Speak and get corrected
  • work on your fluency 
  • use your vocabulary with ease
  • enjoy talking in English 

12 week clasS

English For Business

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Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

  • learn at the comforty of your home
  • save your time on commute 
  • have a one to one person lessons 
  • have more chance to speak and get feedback
  • get personalized feedback and lessons tailored to your needs.