IELTS General Training is considered to be the proof of English proficiency for citizenship and permanent residency in Canada, Australia and UK.

If you are not sure which module is best for you , look at the following list to see which category you fall into:

Federal skilled trades

Federal skilled worker

Canadian Citizenship

About IELTS General Training

The test is in four sections of listening, reading , writing and speaking.The listening part of the test lasts for 40 minutes (30 minutes the listening itself) 10 minutes for transferring your responses to the answer sheet.

There are 4 parts :

  1. conversation between two people on the phone or face to face: social context on topics like registration in an exam, opening an account in a bank and …
  2. A longer talk : social context like a tour guide explaining about a monument
  3. A conversation between three to four people: social or educational context like a couple of students discussing a project
  4. A long lecture on an academic subject

For the paper based listening test , you will be given 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet but for the computer delivered test you answer the questions as you listen and there is no extra time to transfer your answers.

Important tip:

You have to be careful with the word count for each set of questions. You have time to read the questions before the test starts.

If the word is spelled wrong , the answer will be marked wrong.

IELTS General Training

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