About IELTS Exam

What is an IELTS Exam?

IELTS Exam is for candidates who are planning to live and study in an English speaking country . Well first it is good to know what it is and what you should be expecting to see.IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System which is a standard exam to measure the English language abilities of non English speakers around the world. It is delivered in 1,600 locations worldwide.

The test is in four sections of Listening , Reading , Writing and speaking. which lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes altogether. The Listening includes 4 sections from the easy conversations to monologues and lectures including 40 questions and takes 30 minutes of the beginning of the test.

Reading is after the listening with 40 questions in three long texts and takes 60 minutes. The writing is in two sections : the first one takes 20 minutes and the second one takes 40 minutes.

General advice

Preparing for an IELTS exam is different from studying English . It takes techniques to respond to the questions. It is best to consult with an IELTS teacher to get more information on the appropriate resources as well as preparation techniques.

It is highly recommended to take mock tests to see what might be your estimated mark. It is always great to get feedback from professional teachers on your English.

The results

If you have taken the paper-based test, you will be able to preview your results after 13 calendar days from the test date. If you have taken the computer-delivered test, you will be able to preview your results after 3 to 5 calendar days from the test date.Register Here

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